Monday, January 23, 2017

young adult (2011). directed by jason reitman.

this precautionary tale of self absorption is quite well made and charlize theron portrayed it very well. she's a disaster to herself, quite unaware of that, which is why everybody stays clear of her. the result is of course, humiliating. we hope we all grow up into adulthood for the reason we don't want this kind of baggage to go on. 

eddie the eagle (2016). directed by dexter fletcher.

the movie is alright, not bad but not that great either. the curse of being a feel good movie. however hugh jackman lend an air of charisma for an otherwise pretty flat movie. i am just being picky or the sports genre is probably not the easiest to excel. 

Sunday, January 22, 2017

mike and dave need wedding dates (2016). directed by jake szymanski.

i watched this because i think anna kendrick is watchable. well she is, but i think she makes enough of this kind of movies. anyway, i find this movie dumb, and the characters are 12 years old in grown up bodies. or maybe i don't have a sense of humour. 

whiplash (2014). directed by damien chazelle.

i was actually blown when i saw this. damned, that story telling is tight and intense and it's about drumming! what if chazelle makes a film about really heavy subjects, like war or slavery? the last time i had this kind of vigour was when i watched 12 years a slave (2013). 

this is a must watch. 

exodus: gods and kings (2014). directed by ridley scott.

i actually saw this movie twice. standard fare from scott, which is totally fine, and both lead actors christian bale and joel edgerton are engaging. worth the watch. 

kingsman: the secret service (2014). directed by matthew vaughn.

fun, but violent, i wouldn't have cared until i also brought in my 2 young sons who obviously shouldn't be watching this. i enjoyed james bond spoofs rather than bond movies. self assuredness is over rated. at least this one doesn't take itself so seriously. 

out of the furnace (2013). directed by scott cooper.

seen this genre before, woody harrelson is sufficiently menacing, but i think christian bale is on auto pilot. and it's still good. so imagine when he's not. 

accidental love (2015). directed by david o. russell

irreverent, unfortunately not funny. unless everyone being so dorky is considered cute. 

a most violent year (2014). directed by j. c. chandor.

not exactly macbeth, except for the fact that jessica chastain is as menacing as the come. a slow burner, this one. 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

the drop (2014). directed by michaël r. roskam.

you know why this film works? because tom hardy is going against type. all that energy and raw masculinity sublimed into this quiet man who doesn't want the troubles he had face in the past. he did the best he could, and we found out that it is not the past that he wants to run away from, but the man that he is. perhaps it was not a good thing, and there is no need for regret.